Thursday, August 30, 2007

3.58 - The One with the jerseys

Is this the last image that we'll see of Michael Vick in the NFL? The once 1st pick overall by the Atlanta Falcons plead guilty to dog fighting and all the other stuff that doesn't need to be repeated. This story has be written, scrutinized over and over and I'm sure we'll hear more of it as time goes on.

But here's my issue...Vick has been my favourite player in the NFL since he was drafted. I even bought his jersey a couple years back and wore it with pride. sits in my closet. I've seen other people have their dogs chew Vick's trading cards, pee on his shirts/jerseys, etc. I'm not about the have a dog rip up something that I paid a good price for. I thought about selling it on eBay...but who wants to buy a Vick jersey now? If I didn't already own one...I would be avoiding them like a plague. So what to do?

Speaking of jerseys...have you seen the new Vancouver Canucks one for this year? ouch...who approves these things? The colours are nice...back to the original...the re-colour of the orca logo I can live with...but the word "Vancouver" in big block letters on the front? What happened there? Someone dropped the ball on that one...