Monday, August 06, 2007

3.51 - The One with the airports

I've been through my fair share of airports over the last year, and to be favorite one is Pearson International in Toronto. LaGuardia in NYC is old and extremely cramped. JFK is amazing...but seems too big and disconnected. Detroit's NWA Terminal is pretty sweet with the monorail that goes above the gates. SeaTac (Seattle/Tacoma) is also disjointed but effective. Atlanta's Delta Terminal is super busy all the time, and Bermuda's International Airport is nice...but the girl at the Delta desk was on some power trip and I just wasn't in the mood for her ignorance. I coulda smacked her...she just added to my frustrations with Delta and I will never fly with them again.

But back to Pearson just doesn't seem as cramped at the check-in desks, the people that work there want to help you, and going through security is painless...unless you're an idiot. The one complaint is the Canadian Customs officers who basically have too much power...but I suppose that's the price you pay to live in a safe country like Canada.


Crilly said...

It doesn't help Pearson that it's the most over priced airport going.