Sunday, November 26, 2006

2.107 - The One with the "B.A.S."

Ahh NYC...where everything is bigger than it seems

the first place that we stopped at to eat in NYC was a deil called Roxy's. Not knowing what were getting ourselves into, Trav and I proceeded in sit in the restaurant and take a look at the menu. At first glace it looked really good...then we looked at the price of the sandwiches. The cheapest was $13.99. WOW...that's a pretty expensive sandwich. Then we looked around at the other tables...the sandwiches were HUGE. Trav ordered a Roasted Corn Beef and I had the Chicken Salad. 1 pound of beef and 1 pound of chicken salad were carefully placed between 2 pieces of bread and strategically placed on a plate and brought out to us. So in the spirit of comedian Dane Cook...we've labeled these "B.A.S" or Big Ass Sandwiches. After eating a meal like that we needed to walk it off. Good thing that NYC is a walking are patient...