Monday, November 13, 2006

2.102 - The One in Bedlam

Main Entry: bed·lam
Pronunciation: 'bed-l&m
Function: noun
Etymology: Bedlam, popular name for the Hospital of Saint Mary of Bethlehem, London, an insane asylum, from Middle English Bedlem Bethlehem
1 obsolete : MADMAN, LUNATIC
2 often capitalized : a lunatic asylum
3 : a place, scene, or state of uproar and confusion
- bedlam adjective

This past weekend I was once again up at MBC with our Jr. Hi's for their Bedlam retreat. i think that Bedlam is the perfect name for them weekend. Stuck up in the Muskokas with a bunch of kids grades's shear mayhem...but very fun. I'm still sufferening from the rock hard bunks we slept back is killing me and the lack of sleep is playing a pretty good factor this morning. Not moving very fast...


Emily said...

You must be getting old...

Dalton said...

The Alliance version is in January. Its simply amazing!

Adam said...

It (pronoun), a third-person neutral pronoun in the English language.