Thursday, September 21, 2006

2.86 - The One where...why bother?

I found this article online...rather funny I think

It's so much more glamorous when a star can create the illusion that their talent breezes in effortlessly. And then there's Paris Hilton, who was photographed leaving a store with a karaoke machine under her arm. With a tour to prepare for and not much evidence she can sing without a team of producers crafting her voice out of spare robot parts, girl has some practicing to do. What's next, Dance Dance Revolution to help her choreograph her routines?

I'm still not convinced that it's actually Paris singing on her album. Unless she breaks out in song in front of me I'll be skeptical...even if that's the case...I probably be still skeptical. So by a show of hands...who has the cd? Anyone?


Dalton said...

I think the same question will be asked of Fergie's new CD.

And while we're on the subject, where the crap is the new Fugees CD?