Monday, September 04, 2006

2.79 - The One with the leaking ceiling

  • USA Basketball...hahahahahaha. You lost to Greece? are you serious? Spain demolished Greece in the final...ouch
  • Why do all the contestants on Wheel of Fortune have to YELL ALL THE TIME?
  • furthermore Vanna's dress looked like a piñata the other night
  • R.I.P Steve Irwin, aka The Crocodile Hunter. Met his fate by a stingray. Can't say I'm surprised that he went this least he was doiung what he loved.
  • Tiger Woods - 5 tournament wins in a row...very impressive. He makes it look so easy...
  • Rebecca and Jered's wedding this weekend was great fun...lots of laughs...too much much so that water was leaking from the ceiling at Victoria Hall
  • funny moment when I brought in Jim and Sharon's baby into the hall just before the wedding party was to enter. Nothing like a hundred people staring at you
  • the wedding confetti that we threw at the bride and groom didn't taste all that bad.
  • back to the ceiling...Rebecca (not the one that got married...) had the most annoyed/disgusted look on her face when she discovered that she was getting wet...indoors.
  • One last thing...I broke a glass by trying to toss a mint into it. I got it the mint in another glass just prior and I pushed my luck. Should have quit when I was ahead...oh and was your glass I broke
git r done


Dalton said...

Its true. USA Basketball sucks. I'm sure if I made 100 million dollars that I wouldn't give a rip if I won a world tournament.

L.Bo Marie said...

I want to be on the wheel some day......

Rebecca said...

Shame on you for breaking my glass, shame on me for not noticing.
Yes, I've always wondered why they yell so much on the wheel.
AND I think the look you saw on my face was more of surprise than anything else. It was pretty funny.