Monday, November 17, 2008

5.20 - The One with the Vista ad

I work in the advertising industry...and I feel that it's extremely important when you are trying to sell use images, words, whatever to enhance your product. Lately Microsoft has put out some TV ad's to combat Apple's "Hi, I'm a Mac" commercials. It's great that they finally are doing something about it...but it's a little too late. I'm pretty saw I saw one "I'm a PC" ad that said: "I'm a PC and I wrangle llamas..."

Anyways...check out these Vista print ads...Microsoft needs rethink their marketing strategy:

Can you spot the mistake? Look very closely at the laptop the happy family is using...tell me it doesn't look like a Macbook Pro. I know that there are other companies that make silver laptops...but I have yet to see one that has an illuminated keyboard like that Macbook Pro.

Still not convinced? How about this one?

Take a look at the picture of the kids playing the Sony Playstation 2...I'm pretty sure that Microsoft has their own gaming platform...FAIL

[via Royal HeHe2-ness!]