Monday, September 22, 2008

5.07 - The One with the Unleashing Rock Band Force

So I picked up Rock Band 2 and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed and I've been playing both a lot's my reviews on the two games:

Rock Band 2
It's essentially the same game as the first one. Gather a bunch of people together and rock out on your pretend guitars and drums. The World Tour remains very similar...although there are more cities and venues for your virtual band to play at. Also you can hire people to help promote your band. Of course your first employee is your mom...always there to support you no matter how much your band sucks. The create-a-character mode hasn't changed...they added a few more items for you to buy, but's pretty much the same.

The new things in the game include: challenges where you play a set and your scores are matched up to your friends who are online, a drum trainer, and online World Tour mode, and a No Fail mode for those who just can't figure out how to play these plastic instruments. You can also transfer 55 out of 58 songs from Rock Band 1 to play in Rock Band 2, as well as the songs that you downloaded.

The game play didn't change, it's a sequel to an already excellent game. I just bought the game disc and not any of the new instruments (which are all wireless)...if you have Rock Band 1, I'm sure you already have Rock Band 2...if not...go out and get this and your friends will thank you.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
As you are all well aware, I'm a huge Star Wars fan...and to have a new Star Wars game come out that looks so good...I jumped on this right away.

The game play is pretty good, you play as Darth Vader's secret apprentice who's missions are so secretive he must destroy all evidence that he was even there by disposing of the all of the good guys and bad guys. Basically you run around with your lightsaber and force powers and destroy everything. It's a fun concept as the game attempts to show how powerful a Jedi can be. I haven't felt like I've been unstoppable in the game yet, but it still is really fun. The only major gripes I have about that are that it's glitchy at points...for example: I used my force push to knock a boss over the edge and he never came back up to fight me. He wasn't dead and all I could do was run around and I heard him taunting me. Also the game is pretty short. I believe that I'm close to the end and I'm wanting to play it more. I'll probably go through the game again on a more dificult level just to get my money out of the game.

But overall, it's a solid game...a must for any Star Wars fan...

...Lego Batman comes out tomorrow...that looks like a lot of fun as well...