Wednesday, August 13, 2008

4.95 - The One with the rockstar

Ever see in movies or on TV where there's this rich guy who goes into a warehouse full of expensive items and buys everything? I've always wanted to do something like that...and it kinda happened the other day. I was at Pacific Mall on Saturday (an Asian mall in Toronto) picking up a few things for the wedding when I spotted the perfect groomsman's gifts. So I went to the vendor and asked how much the item was and if they had more. She directed me to another man who took me downstairs to the basement and lead me to a door. I assumed that it would be a small closet with some merchandise in it. But when he opened the door and turned on the lights, I was in shock. The room seemed like it went on forever and it was full of stuff. Think a treasure room or something like that. It was pretty impressive.

The man then showed me the different styles of the item I wanted and laid them out for me. I looked them over and said, "ya it looks good...I'll take them all." He looked up at me in surprise...and smiled. Yep...I felt like a rockstar.