Monday, May 05, 2008

4.58 - The One with the hills of snow

The summer movie season has officially been kicked off with this weekends release of Iron Man. I was pretty excited to see this movie and it did not disappoint. I wasn't sure how Jon Favreau (Monica's UFC millionaire boyfriend on Friends) would be as a director, although he did direct Elf and Zathura. He did great and even had a cameo. They also showed the new trailers for Indiana Jones, and The Dark Knight. I can't wait to see those two movies...they look really good.

We were in Montreal this weekend and it's been awhile since I've been in Quebec (Hull doesn't count). Wow can you ever notice the difference between Ontario and Quebec. I don't mean the French everywhere...I mean the road conditions. The 401 is a nice smooth ride throughout until it turns into the #20 highway. It's full of pot holes and it's not so fun to drive on anymore. Oh and the gas prices? OUCH...134.9 per liter.

But I think one of the most incredible things that I saw in Montreal were the huge mounds of dirt that were piled up beside the highway. They were at least a few storeys high, Upon closer inspection we saw some white was definitely snow. I knew we had a lot of snow fall this winter...but those I'd say hills, show how much they got.


L.Bo Marie said...

for some reason, I thought of you when I saw this... enjoy!