Wednesday, March 19, 2008

4.36 - The One with the Epic Fail

I watched No Country for Old Men last night...this year's winner of Picture of the year...I didn't get it.

Sure it was full of imagery and the cinematography was good...but it moved a little slow and when the credits started to roll...I was like...huh? So if someone can enlighten me on why it won Picture of the Year please tell me so I can appreciate this movie the same way the esteemed Academy did.

and this pretty much sums up the Leafs season:



Dalton said...

Abandon the Leafs. Toronto's only hope is the Raps. And guess who's back in the line-up?

L.Bo Marie said...

hated it. We saw it, and HATED it. It made me mad that I'd wasted two hours of my life.. and then wanted to watch it again to see if I'd get it the second time...

cripbx was my word today