Tuesday, May 01, 2007

3.31 - The One with the Canadian Politicians

I've never been a fan of politics...although some of my friends say that I should be more involved and blah blah blah. To me they are all the same...it doesn't matter who gets voted in...they are all in for their own agenda...or if they are the opposition...they just want to tear down the party who is in charge. Here's a prime example:

MYTISCHI, Russia (CP) - While politicians back home looked for headlines, Shane Doan sought to clear his name Tuesday.

"I'd rather you call me the worst hockey player in the world and say that I don't deserve to be on the team," the beleaguered Canadian captain said after practice at the IIHF World Hockey Championship. "Anything like that, that's fine. You can say whatever you want.

"But don't question my character. Don't question the basis of what I am."

Opposition leaders Stephane Dion, Jack Layton and Gilles Duceppe did just that in Ottawa on Monday, when they suggested in the House of Commons that he was unfit to lead the Canadian team at the tournament because of derogatory comments he is alleged to have made about French-Canadians in an NHL game some 17 months ago.
The allegations have never been proven. Doan denies making any slurs and he has been cleared by an NHL investigation.

Doan's answer to the first question about the political barbs back home lasted more than five minutes. While clearly hurt by the politicians' comments, he spoke clearly and calmly about things like character, honour and pride and even apologized afterwards for taking so long to answer.

"I don't understand how people can attack somebody when I was cleared by the NHL," said Doan. "Anybody that does any type of investigation into it would realize I never said it. "

"And yet, they can just throw it out in the House of Commons? Those are our eaders. Those are the people that we're supposed to look to."

that was an excerpt from a recent article about Team Canada's Captain Shane Doan. He's over in Russia playing hockey for his country in the annual IIHF Wolrd Championship and was honoured in being named Captain of the team. Because of something a ref thought he heard way back when, the opposition party leaders are attacking him and the Prime Minister due to what they think may have happened.

Here's my question...DON'T YOU HAVE SOMETHING BETTER TO DO? It's hockey...Doan was probably named captain because of his leadership skills on and off the ice. I haven't heard of any captain who wasn't a model for his team. This just frustrates me to no end...

in other news...the Raptors got lucky tonight...really lucky...lets get two more wins...


Dalton said...

The Raptors will not overcome Vince. As much as I don't like Vince, that's the truth. If they win the series, I owe you a loonieshake from Reid's