Monday, March 19, 2007

3.19 - The One with some random thoughts

  • paintball = welts and sore welts don't hurt at all...but my thighs are very sore
  • why is it that everyone thinks that they can be a graphic designer? With all the easy to make your website/logo programs out there...we designers are often neglected and considered too expensive. Why pay a designer to do something when you can do it yourself? Well...when you do it can tell that a professional didn't do looks bad...there is something called 'design sense'...I didn't go through 3 years of sleepless nights and hard work for some guy to give me this horrific logo to use for the new Chamber of Commerce website...look for it...its a horrible logo. I'm not bitter...I'm just mortified
  • I picked Texas to win the NCAA Basketball title this year...boy was I wrong Kevin Durant did his job...the rest of his team didn't show up
  • Facebook...are you on? Have you jumped the on bandwagon? Over the last few weeks my friends list doubled...seems like EVERYONE has's a great service...just remember that whatever you put on there is public for all to see...even if you put filters all over it...
  • I'm sick of this weather...why can't it make up it's mind? From cold to warm to cold to warm. Back to cold and more cold...and then warm...when can spring arrive?
  • Tiger Woods 07 for the Wii...still trying to get used to it...I'll figure it out soon enough...I hope...not sure if it'll mess up my real golf swing though...
  • speaking of the Wii...story on Yahoo! says that sales for the Wii has matched sales for the XBox 360 & the PS3 combined in February. Also that by the end of March, Nintendo would have sold 6 million units. No wonder not many people can find one...glad I'm one of the lucky few that actually has one.