Monday, February 19, 2007

3.12 - The One with the Wii'kend

I finally got my hands on a Nintendo Wii last Wednesday...I was pretty excited. Brought it home...set it all up...played a few games with Naomi...and we were hooked. Although the graphics aren't as revolutionary as the Playstation 3 or even the XBox 360...the way you control your character with the Wii'mote is incredible. VanDan was like a kid in a candy shop on Saturday night and couldn't stop smiling and giggling. I played and was around a Wii for most of the weekend...even though yesterday was Chinese New cousin had one which we all played...and at Soph's birthday party last night...Chris surprised her with a Wii.

Am I Wii'd out? Don't think so...I have Zelda to get the fact that everyone is still wanting to come over to play the Wii...I think that we're going to be occupied for a long time to least until all the snow melts and I can hit the golf course...

Happy New Year to all those pigs out there...


Emily said...


It has been a while since I have commented on your blog, so I'm trying to catch up...

I really liked that "Eternal Embrace" entry - it appealed to my anthropological side. If I hadn't been in ConEd in undergrad I think I could have ended up doing anthropology...can't you see me creating my own Jurassic Park? Well, maybe not..but I could venture to strange lands and dig in the dirt.

Also...I will try this Wii that you rave about. When I come back all y'all will have to teach me. I missed out on video games in my youth, maybe that's why I'm so bad at sports now. Is there a connection? Something to do with hand-eye coordination?

Have a great week!