Wednesday, January 24, 2007

3.07 - The One with the ink

Ahhh MBC...such great memories. This past weekend was no exception...first thing we noticed when we got there...the power was out. But it came back on during the first session...that was a relief but the acoustic worship set was pretty amazing. The strangest thing about the weekend was our roommates. We only had 6 of us go up this us guys had to share a room with another church. I've never met a bunch of guys who said so little...I didn't mind that they didn't talk to us...but they didn't really say anything to each other. We were probably the worst roommates ever...the three of us took turns snoring all night long...suckers. All in all was a fun, cold filled weekend...can't wait to go back in a week with the highschoolers.

oh ya...I got inked last Thursday...check it's located on the inside left ankle...