Sunday, December 31, 2006

2.220 - The One with the '06 Year in Review

wow...06 kinda flew right much much to look back on and remember. We said hello to old friends, new loves, newly weds, new cities and farewell to hockey legends, Wednesday night karaoke, best friends to Africa and to singleness.

here are my top 10 memories of 2006:

10. - getting my new golf clubs for my birthday. Gotta love TaylorMade
9. - Columbus, Ohio trip with J-Ray. Humid & hot all week...the basketball tournament was ok...the dunk competition was off the hook, making stops at White Castle, shopping at Easton Town Center, golfing...and of course...going into a Tim Horton's in the states.
8. - World Cup Germany 2006...the games were brilliant...Zidane's headbutt was infamous
7. - Last Christmas in Ottawa with the Engs
6. -Seattle trip to see Tomo...seeing the mountains again, kayaking, golfing, ballin', Mt. Rainier, Pike Place Market, the Space Needle...just an amazing time.
5. - weddings...I was at 5 this year. Congrats to Mark & Yvonne, Bud & Erin, Rebecca & Jered, Amanda & Travis and Kristina & Pat.
4. - all the great times with my friends...the Dock, bbq's, pool parties, hot tub sessions, movie nights, shopping, golfing, basketball, hockey, playing videogames...the list can go on and guys are amazing...I can't thank you enough
3. - NYC trip with was an amazing time...which city shall we conquer next?
2. - my first date with Naomi
1. - Naomi

well...hear's to 2006...thanks to all who participated in my small part of it. Happy New Year, may 2007 bring happiness and joy to you and yours.



Lindsay said...

Glad to hear your year went so well. :)
I'm excited for you and Naomi! New relationships are great. I'll be praying for you both. May God bless you with lots of wisdom and peace.