Friday, June 09, 2006

2.52 - The One with the firewall

A little tournament that is being held in Germany called the World Cup started today...and will end on July 9th. Watch it. The world's best futebol players will strut their stuff...this is why they call futebol, "beatutiful game". My pick is Brazil to take it all...but keep an eye out for host Germany, England, France, Argentina, Czech Republic, the Netherlands (not Neverland...although that's the second star ont he right and straight on till morning...) and yes...even USA.

I recently rented 'Firewall' with Harrison Ford. To be honest with you...I don't think Ford has made a really good movie in a long time. Although it didn't do well in the box office...I was hoping that this was one of those hidden gems, like Bruce Willis' 'Hostage'. Not so, the only relation with that would be Jimmy Bennett who plays the young son who get's kidnapped in both of those movies. 'Firewall' is like 'Air Force One', substitue the President for a high exec in a bank, and the plane for this huge house a lake near Seattle. Indiana Jones 4 can't come soon enough...