Tuesday, March 27, 2007

3.21 - The One with Spring Fever

the sun was shining...the air was warm...brids were chirping...the grass...well...muddy in some spots...I had the afternoon off...guess what I did?

Monday, March 26, 2007

3.20 - The One with turtle power

Flashback to the early 90's when 4 mean green machines swept over most adolescent boys...and perhaps some girls. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles came to us in the form of a Saturday morning cartoon which also spawned action figures, games, lunch boxes...you name it...these turtles were on EVERYTHING. Then they made 3 live action movies...the first was pretty fun...maybe because I was younger and it was great to watch. The other 2...well they were pretty bad. After that...the turtles disappeared...but then started to make a comeback on Saturday mornings to the new generation of children...

Back to present day...with the magic of computer animation...the turtles are now back on the silver screen and debuted at the #1 at the box office knocking off the 300 Spartans which held that spot...I don't think I'm going to see it at the theater...but you know deep down I really want to...

cowabunga dude

Monday, March 19, 2007

3.19 - The One with some random thoughts

  • paintball = welts and sore thighs...seriously...my welts don't hurt at all...but my thighs are very sore
  • why is it that everyone thinks that they can be a graphic designer? With all the easy to make your website/logo programs out there...we designers are often neglected and considered too expensive. Why pay a designer to do something when you can do it yourself? Well...when you do it yourself...you can tell that a professional didn't do it...it looks bad...there is something called 'design sense'...I didn't go through 3 years of sleepless nights and hard work for some guy to give me this horrific logo to use for the new Chamber of Commerce website...look for it...its a horrible logo. I'm not bitter...I'm just mortified
  • I picked Texas to win the NCAA Basketball title this year...boy was I wrong Kevin Durant did his job...the rest of his team didn't show up
  • Facebook...are you on? Have you jumped the on bandwagon? Over the last few weeks my friends list doubled...seems like EVERYONE has joined...it's a great service...just remember that whatever you put on there is public for all to see...even if you put filters all over it...
  • I'm sick of this weather...why can't it make up it's mind? From cold to warm to cold to warm. Back to cold and more cold...and then warm...when can spring arrive?
  • Tiger Woods 07 for the Wii...still trying to get used to it...I'll figure it out soon enough...I hope...not sure if it'll mess up my real golf swing though...
  • speaking of the Wii...story on Yahoo! says that sales for the Wii has matched sales for the XBox 360 & the PS3 combined in February. Also that by the end of March, Nintendo would have sold 6 million units. No wonder not many people can find one...glad I'm one of the lucky few that actually has one.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

3.18 - The One on 3.14

Happy Pi Day...ya...that's right...check it out->pi day

Monday, March 12, 2007

3.17 - The One with the inner Rock Star

ok admit it...EVERYONE has an inner Rock Star in them...I know I do...but don't hold your breath for me to release anything on iTunes.

Went to see 300 last night...very good movie...very true to Frank Miller's comic book...not exactly historically accurate but it's stunning to watch and the action sequences are something else. If you enjoyed Gladiator, Troy, and Sin City...go see 300.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

3.16 - The One with the sign

I wandered outside today...fully embracing the warm weather...when I could smelt something different in the air. It wasn't the cold crisp air I've grown accustomed to over the last couple months. This was different...yet strangely familiar...a smell usually reserved for the summer. My friends...it was the sweet smell of meat sizzling on a barbecue! A sign that the warm weather has arrived...

Friday, March 02, 2007

3.15 - The One with the Thinking

That's what I thought...