Wednesday, April 13, 2005

1.04 - The One with all the stuff

Oh my can 1 person accumulate so much stuff? I decided to start cleaning out my office for my big move...throw stuff out...less stuff to move. So I begin with the stuff around my desk...lots of papers...most of that goes...then stuff in my filing boxes. I had stuff from highschool still...and not where I graduated from...but from BJMHS (I went there for grade 9-11, then I moved across the country and ended up at CDCI West)....why would I keep all the stuff? In any case...I started picking through it...gave some notes to my brother who thought that some of this stuff would be useful to him. Most of that useless stuff went into the I had lots of stuff.

Its a good thing I had a basketball game tonight...or I'd be stuck riding my room of stuff. Our team was in a 3-way tie for second in the league with us having one game remaining. All we had to do was win our final game and we would have sole possession of second. It was probably the wierdest game we played all season...we were quickly up by 12 but no one could hit a layup. We could hit all our jumpers but if we got within 3 feet of the net...nothing would fall. Oh well...we won the game and ended the season with a 14-7 record. Let the playoffs begin...

word count [stuff] = 13


Anonymous said...

you might have alot of stuff, but i have more.

only differance is... people would want you stuff. Mine, not so much.

I must admit tho however, Purging stuff feals great.

knowing that you have more room for more new stuff is always nice.

Enjoy the Purge

L.Bo Marie said...

spring cleaning at my house too... so far: 1 recycle bag of clothes I never wear, 1 recycle bag of various papers I'll never read again.
areas remaining to be purged: under the bed! (yikes)
good luck!

Anonymous said...

Vat eez dees kee oov tee?
eeez dees uund bolgo oo eez dees uund joolnaal oov der viteengz?

Vat eez uund bolgo? Uund bolgo!

Aiee haaf nooin bolgo. Schoold aiee geeet uund bolgo? Pahapze.

Zuumdee zuun.

Guten abend.

Some Random Guy said...